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Thread: Stripper Needed Donegal May 7th for Stag

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    I am a best man organising a stag do in Co. Donegal on 7th May. I need a stripper for my Grooms-man, the stag is very small 8-9 guys.

    So if you are available on May 7th in that area please get in touch - we are a friendly bunch and want to send our man off in style!

    Please help!


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    Not all that promising for the girl involved, 9 drunk randy guys!!
    Safety might be an issue for them!

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    I disagree - this post was made after contacting E-I directly who recommended this approach... (they have my details - and I will communicate thoroughly with them, incase anyone wants to check)

    It will be all light hearted and a chance for a girl to make some very easy money!

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    Google threw up about 8 different options for strippers/stripograms, or are you looking for a stripper who will do the groo.....more than a standard strip show?

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    Probably not, a standard strip tease (with a funny beginning) will be fine, but who knows - a chance to make more money?...

    I have tried all avenues suggested by Google with no luck - which is why I'm trying here. I only got one response from all those contacted (inc stripireland, donegal strippers etc etc) which was "It will be too expensive" - I think I should be the judge of that!

    Any further help / suggestions appreciated - especially from potential strippers!

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    Come on girls - who's interested? I'm willing to pay handsomely (and inc. travel costs).

    I am desperate to send my man off in style - everything else I have planned has worked out but this is the last and biggest piece of the puzzle.

    Please pm for me to discuss details...


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