wouldnt the ideal be two opposites?? Say a black girl and a blond?? A tall girl and a short?? A older lady and a young...oh wait a sec,,, my new neighbour is out in the back. Thats a braod back for a woman. A baseball cap with bench written on the side of it and a shirt with "just different" on the back. Thats true.And they have..shes just gone back in again. I hope she hangs her drawers up to dry by night, cost me a fortune with all the electricity during the day, ill be living in constant darkness.And oh yeah, they have a kite hanging out the top window of the front of the house. Its not everyday i get to see a wild Manatee flying a kite but hey there is a starting place for everything. I have a feeling i have some hardcore lesbians living besides me.

Im not at all religous, i think the bible is a lovely novel that hasnt being updated in a thousand years.Funny how all the updating on religous books staopped when the media came along.Would it be that they are bullshit that was used as a tool to manipulate innocent people into the churches way of thinking.Add two inches to your height instantly....buy yourself a bible.

Speaking of ideal dous and all sorts of nice things.Cindy ,in cork, the Spainish girl, hey Sweetie ,if your reading this ,i send you a fine Irish welcome accross the skylines. Your a fine sophisticated darling. Even though im not with you in body ,i am in spirit. Indeed im with you all in spirit.doesnt that make you all feel so wonderfully well??The fact im with you in spirit? Hey ,the samaritans will be busy tonight.

Im still worried about what the third one next door looks like.If the first two are anything to go by then this could be my final moments on this fine wonderful planet. I thing i will come back as a post, since i stuck up so many of them.Im going to church later and throwing myself at the altar and asking what have i done to get such a deal in life.Then im going to fondle my daddy bags and jump off something high.

But, hey, yep the ideal duo.Black and white, blonde and dark etc.That is the question.

I bet she has hairy legs too,