Hi i previously posted an advert saying that im setting up a webcam business and need attractive females to take part in it.i was previously gong to charge clients by the hour which was why i could only afford to pay 20 euro an hour .but now i think it would be better to charge by the minute as the client may not want a full hour and i will also be able to pay the webcam girls more as i can pay them by the minute.So i can pay at least 1 euro a minute for each client you are talking with so if you are on the webcam chatting to say 4 people at once then you will be getting a minimum of 4 euro for each minute of work.You will also have your own profile page in which you can advertise your own escort services for free.
So really there is good money to be had from this for just a few hours work,all can be done partime at your own time so it wont have to interrupt with your escort business.And this can be done from your own home with the webcam which i will provide.this will be a legitimate legal business,so if any body has any questions may be interesetd then They can pm me here and we can disuss things further.Thanks