Tommorrow Westside starts something new in his life, no its not suicide.I had an interesting conversation with a lovely Sweetie last night that i met during the week.She asked me during it, what is the worst thing someone could say to me.

Interesting ,i thought about and out came, im normal. To be referred to as normal would bother me. To be normal means that im living within the boundries and restrictions that society, the media, the gov, my friends, etc etc impose on me.It means that i live my life out of acceptance from others rather than out of my own values. That is why, although she hates Westside, that i would respect "The Sweetie".

She asked me whats wrong with being normal.Hey there is nothing wrong with it, its just that living a normal life leads to living a normal existance. The thoughts that got us to where we are will not get us futher unless they are risen to a higher standard. Isnt that what life is all about?? To turn that cornor and face your dreams rather than stay stagnant and let life pass you by?

She then asked me to give an example of what i do that would lead me away from normalicy. No probs. One thing i do ,is that i dont read daily papers or whatch or listen to the daily news. By doing this, your saturating your mind with the thoughts and limitations of society. I deal and talk to ,on a regular basis, a few world lifting champs in the us. The one thing that sets them apart is that they think outside the limitations of society and are not afraid to face the unknown. Most people live from their comfort zone. You do this or you cant do that. Who the fuck said you cant??

Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a person kick the shit out of a challenge in life. Life is a learning experience and its the application of what youve learned that is what seperates standing in the same spot all the time or moving in the direction of which you want your life to move.

Here is a small little list of things that i learned,

*The greatest things in the world were done by people who were too stubborn to realise what they were doing was hard.

*You become what you believe. (PS thats why im an arsehole)

*Positive thinking is great but without work its worthless.

*The greatest moments in life is when you go beyond what you think is your breaking point and you succeed.

*Success is simply the manipulation of error

*The past is only important because it got you where you are.

*Ice cream tastes better than yogurt, yogurt tastes better than tuna fish, tuna fish tastes better than bran and bran doesnt taste better than anything.

*you can tell more about a person in how they handle hard times than how they handle good times.

*there is no limit to human potential. We have unlimited possibilities.

*the body serves the mind.Develope a strong mind and the body follows.

*Its in a persons own interest not to be totally dissatisfied but to always be unsatisfied

*Happiness can only be acheived when we push our heart and soul to the furthest reaches of capacity.

*There is a linear relationship between hard work and success.the more you put in, generally the more you get out. Like a good crap.

*you cannot respect others unless you respect yourself first.

*If you whittle down to please everyone then youll eventually become no one.

*Its never too late to do something.

*The luckiest people are the ones who risk and do the most.

*Everyone and everything can be beaten.

*Anything worth having is worth waiting for and nothing worth having comes easy.

*If your trying to improve your body or take euros off "the pelvic loaf". everynight just as you go to sleep visualise exactly how you want to look.

*Real courage is developed by facing your fears. (thats why im still scared of heights)

*Two of the biggest mistakes in life are one, being afraid of death, two ,going through your life expecting the acceptance and love of everyone.the first one leads to a life of fear, the second a life of frustration.

*The ladoooooooo makes some sensalbe remarks, its just that they come out the wrong way.

Sincerely and Wholeheartedly Affectionate,