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Thread: The sun does funny things to people

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    Default The sun does funny things to people

    Walking back from a meeting in town this morning I spied an absolutely stunning girl leaning against a wall. She was blonde, skinny, had an amazing beautiful face, piercing blue eyes and an amazing figure and beautiful pert boobs. It was like Aphrodite her very self had floated down from her heavenly bouduoir.

    I turned to jelly and went into zombie mode as us blokes do, so much so that I barely noticed her female friend standing in front of her.
    As I was just coming level with them the friend says to Aphrodite "I want you!, I want you!" and leans forward and starts massaging her boobs and leans in for a kiss!

    I tripped over me own feet.

    They laughed at me.
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    you should have sidled up to them and said "Well, girls. Ye're attractive alright, but I've been with prostitutes equal if not better lookin' than youse are. So, who's laffin' now?"

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