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    Saw recently Canadian Mandy had reviewed her prices so I checked to see what she had reduced them to but to my surprise she has raised the price of an hour to E350!!!!!!!! Herself and 'Granny'Roxy are now the dearest escorts on Galway! Jesus lads we are really been screwed!!!!!!!! Most of the travelling escorts charge E250 why are the resident ones so expensive! Beware ladies we're haeding for a recession!!!!!!![

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    They probably think by cahrging these rates they'll keep away the riff-raff. It will probaly mean only the crime lords and the drug barons are the only ones that can afford them and BTW they are welcome to each other.

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    This is difficult to understand. They are not the most impressive profiles and they do not allow reviews. If there were great reviews one could take a view on the cost. In their absence I would prefer to be disappointed for 250 rather than 350.
    This is not likely to generate new business so one would assume that it is more about squeezing extra out of existing clients.
    I notice that very few escorts in Galway allow reviews. SUPPORT THE ONES THAT DO.

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    I agree that some of the Resident Galway escorts are very expensive.
    This is why I wait for the regular touring escorts which are much better value and allow reviews so that you can judge for yourself.
    On another point, I tend not to visit escorts that do not have genuine photos. Perhaps the board should consider not allowing escorts without genuine photos. At least we can judge what we are looking at before we get pulled in the door and our dick overrules our eyes when we see the escorts mother instead of the escort.

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    hi there,

    i've already written a bit about this on another thread regarding dublin escorts and their ever increasing price hikes and so called "extras"!!!

    the answer is quite simple punters - supply and demand!

    the more demand the more the price goes up and conversely, the less supply the more the price goes up!

    you should be making sure that any escort that puts up their prices like the ones mentioned do not get any business - not even a phone call!

    i know its easy to say but i was talking to an escort who put up her price and took it back down again when the phone stopped ringing!

    the same goes for girls who advertise their wares and when you call they tell you "that is extra" - these thieves need to be outed!

    all these "fakes and liars" need to be posted on the bad escort thread started by Big Paws so we can see who NOT to go to!

    it'll take a little time but if we stick together change will come! and it will start with the "good" escorts taking the lead and rest following by example - believe me - it will happen!

    just be patient and post your reviews - if you have to post the same review twice, three or four times - do it!

    i personally think any escort charging over 200 euro for an hour is a rip off merchant - there are GOOD escorts out there punters charging this price and even a little less for an hour and more in some cases (if your a regular) and they earn more in a week than any of those "fakes" do - you just have to seek them out and if you have a good time, post these on the GOOD escort thread - indicating price!

    i also think that pictures should be verified before going up on the board and maybe even a new banner headline on the region board indicating hourly price ranges ie - escorts charging 100 - 200euro/hour ; escorts charging 200 - 300euro/hour and so on!

    i guarentee the ones in cheaper zone will get the calls and the others will be left playing with their "TOYS" - if they can afford the batteries!

    good hunting punters!


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