...they'll fuck you up!!!

If your laptop is stolen and you're lucky enough to recover it, that's a big win. If you happened to access it remotely while it was still missing and find a video of the thief dancing awkwardly to hiphop, even better.

It seems unlikely, but that's exactly what happened to one Reddit user recently, and he decided to put the thief's dance video up on YouTube. Being humiliated in front of 100,000+ people is the least someone deserves for stealing a computer. As you'd expect, the computer was returned pretty quickly.

The victim posted the whole story in comments on Reddit, and he even published a Facebook message from the criminal, begging him to take the video down. Of course, the victim said no. Revenge has never been so hilarious!

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Embarrassing Dance Video of Laptop Thief, Posted by Laptop's Real Owner - Urlesque