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Thread: heading to prague in early april,done sum research, need more info

  1. Default heading to prague in early april,done sum research, need more info

    done sum research on d site, first ,all good one for the club. will check out sweet paradise. but was thinking about have a girl in my hotel, any indipendent i can call? maybe in d day time, just be my guide to show me the city, nite, well.......
    will be back with details.
    any inputs will be appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sexy Janet View Post
    hi dear call my number :-) I am from Prague just flying to Prague this week and I am defo there in April :-) kisses sexy Janet
    will, do i call ur number in ireland or can u pm ur fone number in prague

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    down there on you


    Hi darling, also in Prague myself from next week and most of the U details:-)

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    Can recommend Carolina Aurora, if you need any other suggestions. Superb company ****link removed***
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    [QUOTE=dave1dave;418980]Can recommend Carolina Aurora, if you need any other suggestions. Superb company*** link removed***she is very pretty, but she is not available, do u have more of them left in ur pocket?
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    any more inputs?????????? going there soon........

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    Read my old post:
    "Jesus its everything I expected it to be!

    the people are sound, the beer is good, the food is excellent, and very very cheap!

    The girls, Fuck me!!!! the girls!!!!
    Empire club is very good, tourist trap and a little more expensive than typical prauge prices but still excellent!!!!!

    The private adds in the hobbie papers is the way to go 30mins was 20euro for like a 7ft tall, tanned, sound as a pound, blonde angel who will just change sex for you forever! The girls are so sound!!!

    The best experience of my life was a club called sweet paradise, 75 Slezka, near meto green stop flora! 2 UBER 10's!!!!! IM very fucking picky....these 2 were beyond anything you will see on grafton street, the cat walk, the best porn sites, you name it....nearly 20 girls to choose from and instead of it being in a book or something they all come out, full of smiles and giggles shake your hand and tell you there name....anyway 2 super hot chicks 1 was pure blonde, almost white but very very blonde haired, just perfect body, natural tan, sound like, not small talk just straight into good conversation...the other medium height, sandy brown hair and body, both had the best tits ive ever seen! seriously ive seen a lot of tits, I WAS SOBER AS A JUDGE, it was 1 o clock, so these 2, 1 hour, into a full on eygiption style crypt room, with jacuzzi, massive bed, spotless clean!!!! with the room a free bottle of sparkling wine...i didnt bother with the drink just a sip, not even a full glass! I can go on and on about the detail of the sexual experience...but it was everything any man could ever need!!!! 2, 10s, soaped up in bubbles in a jazzcuzi, dancing against you in 30deg water!!!! 1 suckin you off while the other plays with herself and your balls!!!! thats only the first 5 mins!!!!

    Total cost...this is going to really piss you off! 2 girls, amazing girls, in a themed room with full whirlpool jacuzzi, full service, anal, owo, you name it, 1 hour, bottle of sparkling wine, unlimited orgasims....181euro!!!! TOTAL, not each, not jsut for the room.....TOTAL!!!! TOTAL TOTAL...I KNOW IM GOING ON A BIT BUT SO WOULD YOU!!!
    PM me if you need more!

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