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Thread: Who do they think they are coming down from Dublin

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    Default Who do they think they are coming down from Dublin

    One weekend a lawyer from Dublin decided to go bird hunting in kerry. The lawyer drove to Kerry and found a good hunting spot near my farm. The lawyer sees a bird, shoots it and watches fall to the ground on the other side of the barns fence.

    The lawyer, thinking to himself that's my bird I have to go get it, climbs the fence retrieves the bird and climbs back. Just as he gets back over the farmer comes up to him and says, "give me my bird." The lawyer says to him " your bird no no no I shot this bird it is mine."

    "No" says I,"it landed on my property it is mine." "Look" says the lawyer, "I am a lawyer, I will sue you , you will lose and I will get the duck." "No" I said, "that's not how we do it here in Kerry, we use the three kick rule."

    "Ok" says the lawyer, how does that work?" "I kick you three times as hard as I can, than you kick me as hard as you an three time and we keep going until one of us gives up." "Fine" says the lawyer, "let's go." "I'll go first" I said. So I kicks him as hard as i could in the groin.

    And just as he was bent over in pain I kicks him right in the face. now just as the lawyer is thinking what did I get myself into I kicks him in the stomach. after that the lawyer gets over the agonizing pain he says ok now it's my turn. No said I, "I quit you can have the duck."
    who do they think they are coming down from Dublin????

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