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    just spotted a review on someone elses reviews, Veny, does anyone else remember her, if she played for the Irish rugby team we'd win the grand slam no doubt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Jesus she rocked!!!

    I remember her well, Polish lady. Veny was one of my favourite Escorts. I think she works in Australia now? She used to come here for a few months during the winter but she didn't come back last year or this year. In 2008 she had muscles and definition and looked like this only with big shoulders...

    But she got the boobs done a year later and relaxed on the weights and looked like this upon her return...

    I don't know what she looks like now but either way if you pissed her off she'd stomp a mud-hole in your ass and walk it dry. She was brilliant in the sack. She really took over proceedings and expected you to give her a good orgasm. She was into it for the sex as well as the money. Excellent Escort.
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    Sounds like you two exchanged tips on submission holds Ric. She looks like a lady who took good care of her body.......just a pity about the silicon and the tattoo on her right boob......not my thing.

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