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Thread: Bigpaws has a problem

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    Talking Bigpaws has a problem

    Bigpaws what seems to be your problem all you ever seem to be doing is slagging people off.
    You tried the same with us a cpl months ago claiming you had been to see us and we were aparantly changing are prices which we were not, you have never been to meet us so why you said you were i dont know maybe you have to much time on your hands. Try this one for size get a life and stop slating people its not on your out of order and if you dont like the majority of escorts on this site or any other maybe you should stop seeing them.


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    Wink Facts And Figures ........... Size 20 Madam??

    Could you please be more specific partybabe ............. maybe you are confusing constructive criticism with "slagging off"??
    Suggesting that you charge the rates you advertise who be constructive criticism .............. suggesting you shave your hairy eye-brows (look at her pics!) would be "slagging off"!!
    To answer your question about me seeing you .............. Lower Leeson Street, just up from St. Stephen's Green Park, small hotel with an old victorian lamp outside, tiny reception desk on the left, elevators on the right, room on the first floor, living room to the left as you walk in the door, en-suite bedroom to the right with doulble bed and ugly wardrobe.
    Sexy Sue was wearing black see-throught lingerie, you were wearing red with folds of fat from your belly on display ................ you placed a lap-top computer on a chair in the bedroom and played a DVD of one of your bukake parties.
    Yes I am embarrassed to say that I did see you ................ it truly was the lowest point of my punting career, I can only blame curiousity as the reason I booked with you ........... thank god i'm not a cat!!

    *url removed* (Partybabe's actual picture and I am not joking!)

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