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Thread: I miss Nina and Katie.

  1. Default I miss Nina and Katie.

    Naughty Nina and her friend English Katie disappeared from our shores about a year ago. They were both class girls and I often wondered what happened. I know Nina alluded to some hassle she was getting but has anybody any more info. I have to say I miss them both. 2 of the nicest girls I ever met. In fact I would say most of the english girls are sound. Alexis and Nancy are another 2 girls who I am very fond of. There was another girl Jessi who only was here for a few days and I totally fell for her (hence the username). I'd love to see more english girls coming here if they were all as nice as the ones I've mentioned here. What other english girls get you guys excited when you log on and see they are around?

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    English Astrid is not only gorgeous but filthy minded and great fun! Unfortunately she only comes over 3/4 times a year and then only for a few days at a time.
    Come in she said "I'll give you shelter from the storm "

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