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    Talking Being a Slave

    CONGRATULATIONS! You're now the proud property of your Mistress! It's like the first time you beat the original Mario, but better. You've established hard limits, soft limits, what you like, dislike, things you're unsure of, what rules you're to follow, etc. etc..
    You trust your Mistress not to make you do anything that would harm you, your reputation, job, or anyone else. So you may feel like you can't or shouldn't speak up if something your Mistress wants you to do makes you uncomfortable. The most important thing is to COMMUNICATE. Let your Mistress know! Do it respectfully, of course, but let your Mistress know, talk it out- why does it make you uncomfortable? Can something be changed to make it more doable, and work up to what your Mistress wants? Try to discuss these things.
    If everything works out for awhile, and you want to move to the next step, feel free to do so...

    ### Last day in Ireland ###

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