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Thread: New rule, please read: Signatures and profile information

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    Default New rule, please read: Signatures and profile information

    Hello everyone,

    It has been noticed that some posters are including non-English text in their signatures and profile/message board details. Please read the following rule which has been updated to accommodate the new Irish language forum:

    English Language Only (Except in Private Forums for Escorts)
    We do not allow messages which are written in code or a language which isn’t English. If you post in code or a foreign language your post may be edited or deleted. We will ban users who post in code or a foreign language after we have warned them not to continue doing so. This rule does not apply to the Private Forums for escorts, escorts may post in any language they wish there. There is also an Irish speaking forum where it is appropriate to post in the Irish language. Posting in Irish is not allowed in any other area of the site (including signatures) and must be restricted to this forum only.

    Should anyone have non-English text in their profiles/signatures, please amend this to comply with the forum rules. We will allow several days for posters to amend this.

    Thank you.
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