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Thread: Please keep up emailing the Metroherald

  1. Default Please keep up emailing the Metroherald

    Thanks to everybody for their response to the last post regarding writing letters into the Metro Herald to protest about criminalising the clients of sex workers.

    The address is

    Just stick to the facts regarding this retrograde law.

    Unfortunately there wasn't really any new letters on our side to date apart from "Peter" although that can still change.

    So either they didn't get many emails or else they just didn't print any large amount of them.

    However keep up writing in and hopefully there will be more printed in the next few days.

    Also any escorts looking at this forum should write into the Metro Herald. It will be harder for the opposition to dismiss them and will put more of a damper on their spirits.

    Bruno69 and others had more ideas that we can use as well.

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    A good letter was printed by Daf today in the Metro Herald so hopefully these sort of letters keep up.

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