I found some erotic stories in the More XXX section. Don't know how or when they got there. Time to add another one.
Write a few lines and pass it on.

I'll start:

Joyce Mandible moved briskly along in the bank queue, almost at the top now. The automatic pistol tucked discreetly into her skinny jeans pinched her hip with each step. Her heart raced with adrenyline, just like at the start of all the other bank jobs she had pulled.

"Next please."

It was teller number 5, the one she had hoped to avoid. Dark, clean-cut, with eyes like blue steel and a chin that seemed chiseled out of granite. The one who had been checking her out all the while in the queue.

Great, she lamented, she never had any luck with men. If she had to shoot this one she would be royally pissed off. It would be like her wedding day all over again.

Focus, she told herself, think about the orphanage.