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Thread: Belfast and other Sorted tours

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    Default Belfast and other Sorted tours

    Hi Guys,
    I have had so many texts,emails and phone calls for all parts of Ireland.

    Its been very difficult sorting out hotels,apartments etc. But I have managed to sort out tour for Limerick and Dublin in Sept.I am trying to sort out for other towns too.When I do I will let you know.

    The last few weeks I have recieved so many calls from Belfast.But due to the way things are its not a good time to visit.The only way I would consider visiting is for private clients only. But dont know how that could be done. I would need them to prove who they are in first instant,ie other girls confirming they are genuine clients.

    The other alternative is I would give a good discount to any guys who want to fly into East Midlands or Birmingham and me visit them in thier hotels.This is just an offer for Irish guys only. So no English guys ask me for discount please,I wont give one.

    In any event Please keep eye on this site for my advert going up in Sept. Anyone wishing to contact me please either email me or give me a call.

    Samantha x

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    Smile belfast and other tours

    Yipee... What a lift to my day to see this post...........

    cant wait

    Daro x

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    Default Look forward to meeting up again

    Thanks for that Darco, I look forward to meeting up with you again soon.

    Hugs & Kisses

    Samantha xx

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    Thats the bar raised a little higher then so
    Sammy, you coming to Cork?

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