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Thread: Is the West falling behind?

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    Default Is the West falling behind?

    Trans people in Nepal will be recognised on the country’s census form thanks to a recent anti-discrimination law.

    The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) said this is the first time census forms would grant the option for trans people to list themselves as something other than male or female.Sunil

    Babu Pant, who became the country’s first openly gay elected Member of Parliament in 2008, says the trans community is happy about the change in law.

    "This shows that the government has started to recognise them," he said.

    The Nepalese government are targeting the LGBT tourism market and are promoting Mount Everest as the perfect destination for same-sex marriages with local tour operators offering package deals.

    Are we falling behind?

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    Nepal is a beautiful country with really friendly people, one of my favourite places I have only been once.

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