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    Silk was first recorded in 27BC by the Chinese for use as clothing,the Europeans knicked this beautiful material in 500AD.This leads me to recieving a christmas present in 1990ad ,which left
    me both sad and enlightened to silk.
    The story starts on christmas day at 2am ,Sylvia insisted I opened her xmas pressie a little perfectly ribboned box from a well known lingerie outlet,well guys what more could i ask ,my girl just bought me some sexy gear that she was going to wear and thus lead to a night of mad passionate love making was a pair of silk boxer shorts ,....for me !!!!; trembling stiffness colapsed so fast it left a bruise on my thigh..
    Well I tried them on ,omg the silk against my butt cheeks was like a hundred silk worms with chamois cloths buffing my bum ,it was amazing no it was like ,the softest down of pubic hair brushing softly against my skin.
    I left that pair of velvet blue silk boxers in a bedsit in Rathmines,and my arse has never since felt the caress of the genius of that little worm...I miss my silk boxers..
    a thousand kisses deep..

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