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    Hi there. I am looking for a girl who can satisfy a messy deep kissing fetish. Lots of sloppy saliva exchange, tongues swirling deep, devouring each others fa passionate and as wet as possible. Tongue sucking and spit play until its running down our chins. Is this type of extreme makeout possible for most of an hour session. How nasty can you be with me on this.
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    Now thats a client request to my liking. Comprehensible and straight to the point. Also not something that is asked every day.
    Unfortunately I cannot see myself to oblige...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyCurvybabe View Post
    Ah, c'mon Kelly don't tell me you never went a little wild on kissing with someone you love

    To do this with a complete stranger is a bit gross though really but fair play to the escort who would be able to accommodate this. It requires a really strong stomach
    And fair play to the gentleman for asking. People are indeed different and so it's meant to be.

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