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Thread: Are men being persecuted in modern times?

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    Default Are men being persecuted in modern times?

    I again had to cautiously open the Irish Examiner today because of the amount of cum all over the front page and two large pages in the middle, from all the editors and the writers themselves. All demeaning men and women of course, I suppose in a way the "tough love" being showed towards the escorts/women is even more patronizing and damaging... but now they're trying to bring out this new law that will criminalize men but not women.

    I don't know what it is about these people, and how it ever came into their heads that they should write this of thing, ruin their entire paper. Maybe part of it is that many in The Examiner and other media and in politics are getting old and suffering from some kind of dementia. I know that many people get a sort of dementia towards sex as they get older (this has been strongly linked towards not having enough nutrition and especially b vitamins)

    But this isn't the old traditionalist catholic/religious type of dementia about prostitution, it's even worse than that. My dad for instance would hate prostitution and think it was a "mortal sin", but even that type of person smells bullshit at all this absolute nonsense.

    I only today realized that a woman is allowed to advertize without being criminalized and yet a man is criminalized if he accepts.

    Doesn't this fly straight in the face of ALL criminal laws on entrapment and on the psychology of human behaviour in general? I mean, previously what they wanted was that women COULD legally engage in it, but they couldn't be teasing around people who couldn't get sex.... luring them in. That was illegal. I mean that was the whole thing, that was the whole idea of it.

    Now it seems they'll be allowed to do this, like offering a hungry fat person chocolate chip cookies, or like prowling around the streets offering heroin to heroin addicts... and then the second the person gives in and tries to buy their prosecuted?

    It doesn't work, on a fundamental logic way. And I think it's just a continual demoralization, hurt and hatred of men. It's not the guys at the top that are being forced out of jobs, it's the ordinary every-day man. The type that those pencil-pushing yes-men at the top really hate.

    And it's not just on this issue, there's a continual eroding away of male rights and respect IMO. Such as when a female makes a complaint on a sexual basis, it's a total nightmare for the male and he could lose his job easily.

    Maybe on some primitive level these old clowns in the media/politics are driven instinctively to hate all other men, and do their best to destroy them.... especially younger men. I don't know what it is, but surely the woman is guilty of entrapment at the very least. Of course I don't think ANYONE should have committed a crime, but it makes me sad to see this type of nonsense and growing persecution of any group of people.
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    We consider ourselves a cosmopolitan society, but still are hung up on the views of sex, as if it something dirty and to ashamed off. This is where the problem lies, and until we can change our views, society will never change.

    The French and the Japanese have it right.
    There it seems only natural that a man is allowed, perhaps expected to have a mistress, and why not.

    Personally I don't think it's natural or healthy for a man to be faithful for his whole life.
    A nice ideal perhaps, but not realistic.

    Variety after all!!!

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    society is a shit sandwich-the more bread you have-
    the less shit you will eat!

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    Yeah, the way society is going, I feel more and more like an endangered species (as a man). Soon it will be illegal to have a cock!

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