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Thread: opting out of reviews

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    Red face opting out of reviews

    Alright all
    Just noticed that some escorts have opted out of have reviews posted to them.
    I'm just wondering why has that option been given.
    Well I know thier the customers paying for the site services, but it seems that the only way for people i.e us low lifes (punters), to tell of dodgey escorts has been removed. Now any escort who has "opted out" just starts the warning signs going up in my view, and I could be totally wrong as the escort could be perfectly genuine.
    Then again I could be totaly of the mark and should be beaten to cowaring submission with my own shoes, and made to lick the floor of a public toilet.
    uuupppss, went of on a bit of a tangent there.
    Anyway you get my drift.
    By the way Patricia is that avatar really you? Nice.
    Love the site D.

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    I Agree.

    Escorts should not be allowed to opt out of reviews.

    It is important that the good escorts get the praise of us punters while the time wasters are highlighted exactly for that.

    I hope you review your policy on this matter a.s.a.p.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galman View Post
    I hope you review your policy on this matter a.s.a.p.
    Unfortunately we recently have and it can't go the way you'd like.

    Leaving aside the ethical issues we would have with forcing ladies to be reviewed here, our solicitors have advised us it would be legally untenable for us to try to do so.

    So I'm sorry, but so long as E-I is a legally compliant business (and I can't see that ever changing), this website will not be hosting any personal information about anyone who doesn't want that personal information about themselves published here and that includes reviews.

    The only way we could end the system of ladies being able to opt out of reviews is if we made a rule that any lady who will not allow reviews cannot advertise here, but what would that achieve other than less choice of escorts listed here?


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    I was about to leave a bunch of positive reviews of girls I have met over the last while to discover that most have opted out. I think that this will lose business for these girls. I do not understand this as most people can see through bad reviews which are unwarranted.
    I would say that it is daft to allow reviews which complain about girls being difficult to contact. Obviously, they have breaks and have to switch off their phones while working.
    As with "genuine photos" there should be a category for girls who are prepared to be reviewed.

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    Thumbs up Review Alternative!!

    Why don't you post your positive reviews in the "Good Escort" thread???

    Also any negative reviews you have of escorts opting out of the review system would be helpful if you posted them in the "Bad Escort" thread.


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    Default Reviews

    I have had many good experiences over the last year or two with escorts, only encountered a couple of duds. I have no doubt that this has been in large part due to the review system. It both encourages good escorts and turns business away from bad ones. It sends a message out that it is not worthwhile coming here if a girl is not going to be honest about herself and be prepared to give value for money. Any weakening of the system leaves us all worse off.
    The "threads" are a good idea but will ultimately fail because there are too many girls and no effective search engine.
    I have little doubt that the reticence in this regard on the part of E-I is more commercial than legal. This has not been helped by too many unobjective and derogatory reviews.
    I believe that there is a workable compromise. E-I should insist that all escorts be open to review but give an undertaking to delete any reviews that girls reasonably object to. This, at least, will encourage and promote the good ones. The "threads" might then be used to warn about the bad ones but with the opportunity for the girls to respond.
    This is my tuppence worth on the subject
    Regards to all

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    Speaking for myself, when I see that a girl has opted-out of the review system, I take a moment to deeply respect her right to choose this option, then I click the back button on my browser and look at someone else.

    This punting lark costs a lot of money, and the only chance we have of spending it well is the review system - or pot-luck.

    And I can't afford pot-luck.

    Years ago, when all you got was a description on the 'phone, you had to take your chances -- but it was nowhere as expensive as it is now to punt.

    I suspect that a lot of men will feel the same way on this one -- the "opt-outs" will lose business, I think.

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    Totally agree with Piggi,we pay for a good punt and that is what we expect!If a girl is willing too put her pic on the site then she should expect reviews,good or bad,no reviews,no pic,no big deal.
    Have a nice day

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    Dead right lads, you read down to the bottom of the girls profile and your getting intrested and then no reviews - No Sale.
    Do you remember when you had to check everone to see if they had reviews or not and we didnt know if they had opted out of the review system at all? The system is better but I only go to see girls with reviews now.

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    THe point is that we rely on reviews to pick girls to meet. Therefor, it is important to encourage all the girls to partake in the process. I know a very attractive, very sexy girl who does not allow reviews. I told her she was crazy. Her reason was that there were too many malicious reviews by people that could not get an appointment at a certain time or that she would not do certain services for. This is her take on it and it needs to be respected. The question is how can these girls be persuaded to allow reviews?

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