I know that different people have different fetishes and variety is the key to ongoing pleasure...
So, it's true my dear gentlemen - Anna has another kinky fantasy. Although this is quite innocent... How would you like to be someone's first? How would you like to spoil a virgin

I'd certainly love to be "pure as a lily" again Which is impossible now... But that doesn't mean we cannot enjoy some lovely kinky role-play on this topic, does it?

For those who dont understand what role-play is about I may clear up, that it is something you wouldn't necessarily want to do for "real" but you still enjoy fantasizing about it and play it out, with which is nothing wrong with. That is why it is called role-play - it means it is not for real - it is just for fun.
For example it is common for lots of women to fantasize about being raped and it turns them on in their imagination BUT that doesnt mean they'd enjoy being raped in real life.
It is simply venting of some much deaper seated unconscious need as it is with any other hobby. Like for instance any violent sports ie. boxing, rugby etc. - these guys are really aggressive on their playing field but that doesnt mean that they will slaughter everyone around outside of this field, does it?

I hope this will help for better understanding of this matter and am looking forward to even more naughty fun Or shall I say innocent?