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Thread: HELP NEEDED !!!!! Escort for Shopping Trip

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    Exclamation HELP NEEDED !!!!! Escort for Shopping Trip

    Hey girls, need your help !

    Ok to cut a long story short i lost a bet with one of my best (girl)friends and basically now i have to go to a party on the 7th of January dressed completely as a girl . Iv done everything to get out of the bet but cant so i have no choice but to buy womans clothes etc.

    What i need is basically an escort to go shopping with for an hour or sumting like that to help me pick out an outfit (dress, underwear and shoes etc) as i would be too embaressed to go on my own (Cant order online). Id prefer shopping in cork but will consider dublin aswell. I will require your services for just shopping and we could do it early in the morning to avoid you losing potential customers.

    So is there any girls out there who will help me for the right price, in a difficult situation

    Please post here or pm me if you can help or have any ideas.


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    Dude. I suggest nipping into st vincent de paul. Vast array of clothes and staff r not judgemental.

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    Why not ask the (girl)friend whom you lost the bet to, if she would'nt mind accompanying you on the shopping trip.........I mean it's not as if she's likely to charge you €250 for an hour's shopping trip (out-call rate) and she wont think it odd because she knows what you're up to.

    Something you need to bear in mind. If you are going to dress as a woman, you are going to need to find cloths that actually fit'll look even worse if they don't fit properly. That means going into the lady's changing rooms and trying them on......tell the changing room attendant that your next role is as a pantomine dame. If you dont have the nerve for that, find a friend, an escort, or any female who approximates to your size (though obviously there will be a little bit more or less here and there) and point her in the direction of the changing rooms with the cloths that take your fancy.

    My final suggestion is a pure stroke of genius. Are you a fashion conscious person who likes to keep up to date with what's in season or do you basically not give a f**k? If the latter is the case, and you have any muslim friends, I would ask them if they can help you get your hands on a burka......with just a tiny mesh slit for your eyes, nobody will know who the f**k you are and you will have complied with the terms of the bet.

    May the blessings of Allah be upon you Sister.......Brother?

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    You could always ask Ex P for his in put on this
    He would give you his years of aquired knowledge of laides under garments
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    Sum great suggestions guys,

    Firstly that was part of d bet unfortunately that i had to go shopping alone, all my girl-friends know bout d bet so that why im looking here. Secondly the size issue my friends have told me what sizes to get and if i am with a gorl (escort) then using the dressing rooms wont be that weird hopefully

    Finally although it was a genius idea the burka it will not suffice as i have been told what type of clothes i have to wear as part of d bet.

    note : I went double or quits last night and i lost again, i now basically have to dress up for a full weekend at hers. I am basically fucked lads, going to be humiliated lol, stipid betting

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    You might get to enjoy it.

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    No girls available at all?? Thought that this would easy money for an escort as they would get paid to basically shop

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    Quote Originally Posted by sampower View Post
    No girls available at all?? Thought that this would easy money for an escort as they would get paid to basically shop
    But there shopping for you and not themselves.
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    If you have to dress really girly and also good enough for outside, it it manageable and you don’t have to spend a big amount at all.

    Just go in a charity shop or in Pennyes, Dunnes etc… somewhere where the clothes are really cheap. Look for stretchy clothes, you don’t even need to go into the fitting room, you can appreciate the size with your own eyes and in case you’re slightly off, it’s good to know stretchy clothes are really … well … stretchy, so you can easily wear them even if they are 1 – 2 – 3 sizes down then your normal size. I should not that, seeing that my weight used to slightly fluctuate up and down, during a short period of time.

    Best clothes in this case:
    - A dress, one of those elastic cotton or woolly one.
    - Leggings and a jumper / t-shirt / cardigan etc. Leggings are usually very accommodating in regard their size and you can match easily with any other kind of stretchy top.

    If you need shoes as well, have a look in the same shops. Most regular shops will hardly ever have something bigger then a size 8 but if they do, those will be more likely discounted. If you are a bigger size then 8, you need a little luck, maybe the charity shops happen to have it in stock. If not, you have to go a real shoe shop and ask there for women shoes in your size. You can say they are a present, and if you look for an easy mule type of shoes, or elastic boots, or sandals, you don’t even need to try them on because they will fit for sure.

    For the dress, try to buy holds up tights. If you are tall, get them in XL size but to be honest any size will do if they are holds up. They will go just longer on shorter on your leg, nothing else.

    If you need to complete the look, visit Claire’s for a very cheap wig. Very cheap jewellery you can find in Penney’s or in Claire’s too. Go also to any chemist, make up store / department or even Claire’s and get yourself an eyeliner / eye shadow / lipstick, for just a few euro, as you certainly shouldn’t care about their quality.

    A complete woman’s look in this case, wig, shoes and make up included should cost you maximum 100 euro but if you are a smart shopper, you can get all for maximum 50 Euro.

    In case you don’t need the complete look, just bring your own house shoes, shave your legs, put a scarf on your head, borrow or buy a second hand house coat and voila … you can say you are a not so glamorous house wife. Or buy a wig, a gel filled bra and wear your own tank top and sport pants and you can say you are Sporty Spice. Possibilities are endless, but all are very easy, you really shouldn’t need any help from an escort, unless you want to enjoy at the end of your shopping trip a nice cup of coffee.

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    Thanks fpr you detailed reply sensual delights

    Another problem however is been noticed shopping for underwear and heels on my own by some1 i know its a small county and id have no explanation, at least if i was with sum1 i wud b less on edge

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