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Thread: any legal people help with the adult indusrty

  1. Default any legal people help with the adult indusrty

    hi im working on legally registering a company and have an adult website that will charge prices for exclusive dates with high class the money will be an administration fee to my company and not to the escort,so i would pay tax on it and of course i would pay whats owed to the escort i would only be taking a small percentage of profit which would be needed to cover rent so does anybody know of a solicitor or someone with extensive legal knowledge in this area?

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    Hi slickdaddy,

    You defo need legal advice, because we need it and we are only advertising escorts, whereas you would be doing a lot more.

    You need to get the Golden Pages out and start calling Criminal solicitors.

    I'm not going to name names here, as I don't think the solicitors I know of that have dealt with these such matters want to be advertised by us as such.

    Another thing you need to be careful of is that many people, including many people here and many solicitors I'm sure, are vary wary of people who want to own escort agencies. And if people think you sound like bad news, they won't won't to give you any advice.

    It may not be entirely fair that people often assume escort agencies are bad news, as there is such thing as a decent escort agency that treats its staff and customers well and is a good alternative for ladies who don't want to be independent for various reasons, but, because there are and have been in the past especially so many bad escort agencies in Ireland, people are put off.


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