I'm an independent male escort working in Dublin(I've been working here for over a year and a half). In recent months I've been working with an independent female escort her in Dublin providing a 'couples' service to our clients.

The venture is very lucrative - there are so many people out there who want threesomes(esp people with bi-curiousity) but rarely get the opportunity!

Unfortunately my female friend will be leaving the country for good just after Christmas, which brings me to the point of this message:
Any female independent escorts in the Dublin area that want to work with me when she leaves can drop me a line. I can be called on 087 ******* or email: supersternal@yahoo.co.uk

You may also want to speak with the girl I work with-here details can be provided on request.

There are many advantages to this enterprise:

1.) Its a service not provided anywhere in Dublin by other escorts

2.) There is added security in meeting clients when there are two escorts(esp with one of them being a man)

3.) There is excellent potential to develop an extensive client base with two people promoting the service

4.) There is already a significant number of clients in my database that have availed of and enjoyed the service

5.) It does not stop your work with own clients in any way, nor are there any fees to pay to agencies etc.

Kind Regards,