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Thread: EI a question, services??????????????/

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    Default EI a question, services??????????????/

    before any ones says anything, i know, but the question is still valid,
    will EI does everything it can to maintain a good punter/escort balance, i found myself checking reviews, and sadly found nothing has change, on this matter, services advertised
    is it not possible for EI to creat a system that allows in the review or report stage to allow a person to complain about service advertised but not on offer, i cite one example sabrina/ kildare advertise CIM but its not available, why for all`s sake is this allowed to continue, please this not me ranting about on escort many more do the same, at least it is only fair after many repeat reviews to ask the lady to change her FAVS. i think it would also be better for those who offer services and deliver to feel that a level playing field is created, ie, shock, honesty,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, less punters would leave negs, behind them too. better for all if some system was in place to redress this problem.
    no one force a escort to give details as favs, and services should be honest, to many disappointed punters arrive only to be told no, ok, add this at discrection, let the dicide if yes or no but the punter needs to know this before hand
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