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Thread: Do we need more than just an Italian football manager?

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    Dick Do we need more than just an Italian football manager?

    Biffo: I've screwed the entire country and will get my balls handed to me at the next election.

    Patron: Aye getta di erectione every day, enna di laydees empty mei nutellas fora me.

    Biffo: How do you get away with such arrogance towards your people?

    Patron: Aye am molto ricchi enna aye giffa di laydees molto di money.

    Biffo: I'm in hock to the foreign banks, the ECB and the IMF and cant afford giveaway budgets.

    Patron: Iffa you giffa di laydees molto di money izza molto buono fora di economia.

    Biffo: Well we are were we are and I can't see any easy solutions going forward.

    Patron: Giffa di laydees di money enna den you taxa di sexo enna di prostitutione.

    Biffo: We are a Catholic country and the people would never stand for that.

    Patron: Inna Italia no haffa di problemo di standy-upy....di erectione issa phenomenon naturali.

    Biffo: Can you give me a bailout.....I mean lend me a few billion Euro?

    Patron: Yes, budda you gotta doa somathing fora me two.

    Biffo: No problem just as long as the interest rate is less than 5.8%.

    Patron: No, izza loan di no interesso.

    Biffo: In that case I'll even kiss your auld Italian arse fer ye if you can get me outta this shit.

    Patron: No necessario di rimma me ora doa di sheet. Aye ama sexualli molto conservativo.

    Biffo: I'll cut the VAT rate on Italian restaurants and take aways then.

    Patron: No issa about di cucina italiana you fukka gorda. Issa about di economia stupido.

    Biffo: Jaysus, what then Silvio.....I'm runnin outta feckin pitch here.

    Patron: Aye ama di Patron offa one grand organizzazione ina Irlanda. Izza nama izza E-I.

    Biffo: Never heard of it Silvio.

    Patron: No izza problemo. Molto di your partido izza di membri inna dizza organizzazione.

    Biffo: Then why was I not invited to join also?

    Patron: Cosa you izza on di listo di faccia brutta.

    Biffo: So what can I do for this organisation of yours?

    Patron: Aye gonna giffa you un numero di telefono and you gonna talka widda Senora Patrizzia.

    Biffo: What do I say when I ring this Patricia?

    Patron: You makka di appointamento toa sea she. She tella you where you izza gonna go two.

    Biffo: Should I bring any of my ministers, civil servant advisers or garda minders with me?

    Patron: No no no.....Dio, budda you izza un fukka stupido. You izza goa alone.

    Biffo: Will she expect me to bring anything with me?

    Patron: Juzza washa di hole di ass gorda enna your Micheal di mouse iffa you kanna find eat.

    Biffo: What will she do for me?

    Patron: izza gonna dua eat fora she.

    Biffo: What exactly?

    Patron: Legalizzazione di laydees enna organizzazione di palazzo di pleasure inna Irlanda.

    Biffo: And what if I won't do this?

    Patron: Aye no giffa enne money enna aye cumma to Irlanda enna stand ona your erectione.

    Biffo: Ahh Jaysus Silvio, you really now how to kick a man when he's down.

    Patron: Yes inna di nutellas amico.
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