Lick, suck, nibble, swallow? When you find something that tastes good, you want to savour every moment, especially when it's your last chance for a while! Yes, I end my Irish tour with my final day in Belfast, before heading back to my regular clients in England.

I read somewhere, (a Christian Tract, of all places) that sex is like a sandwich: You can either go for a plain butter sandwich ... or have a sandwich with all your favourite fillings. It was an old tract, written in the 80's and back then, sandwiches, were all the rage. Now we're talking baguettes, in more ways than one, aren't we?

So, what will make your baguette filling one to remember? What's going to leave you feeling satisfied after spending time with me? Is it the uniforms I wear to compliment your role play fantasies, school girl one minute, office secretary the next, or nurse? Could it be my knee trembling fellatio skills that cause even the most hard core cunnilingus fanatic to forget about his passion for a moment and just lie back in enjoyment and be transported to the brink of a shuddering collapse?

Or maybe my breasts, so full and soft, looking so good you can't make up your mind whether you want a slippery glide down that warm lubricated valley, or to simply latch on to one, or both simultaneously, of those well formed, swollen nipples?

Then some might simply be arrested by the gentle suppleness of my skin like velvet, which feels as good to simply stroke as it does to kiss.

My lips which mesmerise whether I'm speaking softly to you, or brushing them against your lips in the soundless dialogue of a long, sensual girl friend experience kiss?

My soft but strong hands, that know just how to handle your own precious jewels, or my fingers, with their built in satellite navigation system guiding my digits expertly in an intimate prostate massage experience?

Or my large, firm butt cheeks ... aaaaah ... the warm, soft mounds, that you can part to expose the entrance to a cave of the most sensual of tight, warm and throbbing treasures - sure to lure even first time explorers on their maiden voyage of Anal discovery with well trained muscle control?

Or my vagina monologue that grips in time to its own internal beat, overwhelming the imagination of your member, rendered speechless, stiff, and poised on the brink of something intense about to happen?

Portion control evokes happy memories when you dine not just with me but off me. All the treats that matter come in unashamedly extra large packages. If you are treating yourself to a one hour booking or longer, there is no limit to how many helpings you can indulge yourself with. Each course matches the quality and sincerity in delivery of its fore-runner.

There are no hidden charges for even the specialities you may consider a rare luxury, provided by someone that enjoys your passion.

And if you're worried you might fill up too quickly, ask that attractive ebony waitress in the short skirt and high heel shoes for her specialist advice on appetite management and how to get the most out of your hour. Time may fly when you're having fun, but it's really the quality of how you spend the time, and choose your filling that makes it something to remember.