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Thread: Could Galway get any hotter?

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    Default Could Galway get any hotter?

    Ah lads - it really is Christmas.

    Kalina and Dita in Galway

    Thankfully I saw that post on time (for a change).

    Yes, my two favourite ladies are in town together & doing an amazing duo service

    I have had the pleasure of meeting both these ladies in my time and to find them together in my home town - well come on: talk about an offer you can't refuse! Not one but two stunning blond babes with those outragously sexy east european accents. wow!

    Thank you Santa! How did you know exactly what I wanted?

    Anyway I digress, though it isn't easy my question is really about duos I guess - the first I tried was a total disaster (see my reviews - lol! You live & learn).

    What other amazing duo experiences have people had (amazingly good or bad) but let's not name too many names if we haven't anything good to say, eh? What makes a good duo? Why is it that sometimes it's hot as hell & other times it sucks? It's all chemistry or can a really professional pair of ladies make "it" happen each time?

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    I think it helps if you have met the two ladies before.
    And most importantly that the two ladies are comfortable with each other, it helps with the illusion if like the whole being with two lesbians thing.
    I recon it would be good to decide beforehand who is to take charge, them or you, and outline what you would like.

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