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Thread: An Escort meets a very shy guy...

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    Default An Escort meets a very shy guy...

    One day an escort has an appointment with a very shy guy.
    After a shower the guy comes into the bed room to find the beautiful escort laying on the bed.

    "Do you want to touch my Pussy" asks the Escort.

    "O God no, I couldn't" shyly replies the guy.

    "Why" asks the Escort.

    "Well, because my Mammy says that Ye have teeth down there and will bite anything put into it!" Stammers the guy.

    "That is crazy, I tell you what, go down and have a good look. See for yourself there are no teeth" instructs the Escort.

    So the guy slowly puts his head between the legs of the Escort.

    "Well my man have you found any teeth?" sniggers the Escort.

    "No" replies the guy........................

    .."But I am not surprised with the STATE OF THESE GUMS!"

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