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Thread: Wexford and the south east

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    Default Wexford and the south east

    It's almost difficult to avoid running into a mssage parlour in Dublin and we all have our favourites.

    But the scene outside Dublin is much more sketchy.

    Does anyone know of any service providers towards Wexford? The shit escorts we get in the main down here charge their 100 to 120 for a rub and tug the same way they do for a rubbish lay.

    We're a deprived corner of the country down here, let us know where we can go and get some sweet 50 satisfaction!


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    Yeah, thought so too. Called her yesterday and got attitude, to be honest.

    If I just want to cum I'll simply have a wank. You want a better experience than some geebag making out she is doing you a favour by taking 70 off you for a handjob.

    I think I will just wait til I am in Dublin in the week and go to one of the girls who I know and who provide a nice experience.

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    hi also interested massage in wexford please pm me if you find anybody .tks

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