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Thread: keeping a brothels in hotel room in Tralee.

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    Default keeping a brothels in hotel room in Tralee.

    At the district court in Tralee on Wednesday. two women with addresses in England were charged with keeping a brothels in hotel room in Tralee.
    Neither of the women was in court to answer the charges and the judge issued bench warrants for their arrest. I won’t print names or addresses (rules/copyright) were charged with keeping a brothel in specific rooms at the (it on the way into Tralee)hotel. And with wilfully continuing the operation of the activity. in the case of 1st escort (39) the charge related to room 320 while 2nd escort (45) was charged in regard to room 322 garda inspector off Tralee told the Tralee judge that that the hotel had requested that the name of the premises be withheld from publication of the case. But the judge said that it was open to the management to come before him to make a case for an order of this nature. As matters stood he did not believe he had to power to make such an order. This can found on the kerryeys news paper pg 4 KERRY'S EYE THIS WEEK - Published 4th November 2010 | Kerry's Eye
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    A bit depressing.

    Wouldn't you think that the judicial system would be more usefully employed chasing the morally bereft bankers, planners and politicians with their brown paper envelopes that have bankrupted this country?

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