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    I have a thing for Asian ladys & A levels & would love to indulge this. Unfortunately, even though the site lists a few Asian ladys that do indeed offer this service, none of them have EI verified genuine photos nor the ability to posts reviews. So as you can imagine I'm a bit hesitant about walking blindly into the unknown. Has anyone availed of any of these ladys services & if so, were they as advertised on the tin?

    Any & all replies appreciated. Thanking you in advance.


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    I think JJ and Yo Yo on *website url removed* offer A levels... At least last time I saw them they were talking about offering it. Never visited them for that myself but they are good looking and nice girls. Mika Love is my favorite. I visit her regularly... unfortunately I'm pretty sure she doesn't do anal. Best of luck in your search.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thx for your reply Lord Adam

    I previously had the pleasure of JJ visiting me, not JoJo unfortunately (a later date possibly), but they do not offer A-level as part of their services regrettably

    I haven't as yet visited with Mika, although it has been on my list of things to do, but once again unfortunately I don't belive she offers this as part of her service.

    It seems that the only ones that do offer this service, that I can find browsing a few sites, that theres no real certainty about their genuine looks or about the standard of the service offered. I was just hoping that someone else might have ventured into the unknown & been willing to share they're experiences, good or bad.

    Once again thank you for your reply.


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