HANDS can speak more than a thousand words. Hands can touch magically. . Hands can bring luck. Through hands the heart can open.

SKIN is sensual. Skin receives. Skin enjoys. Skin creates closeness. Skin wants skin and hands.

SCENTS beguile. Scents calm down and freshen up. Scents seduce. Scents lighten up.

SOUNDS relax and make you dream. Sounds seduce you into the realm of the senses.

HANDS create trust. Hands can enchant. Hands can love.

We want you to feel your body, to have time to feel comfortable and cared for, to let go. We wish that the time you spend at our place will become an extraordinary experience. And of course we want you to go back to your everyday life in a deeply relaxed, calm and happy way.

To touch and to be touched has great importance in the life of a human being. It is an existential need that makes a person tender and sensitive. To touch always means “to come in contact” and to be touched has to do with TRUST and SURRENDER.

We have taken on the task to bring sensuality into everyday life and care for it. Our specialty is that we continuously work on the issues of male-female balance. For us sensuality, sexuality and physical touch are natural and powerful aspects of life.
We also believe that also the loving, caring massage of the genital area in the context of a full body-massage can create a deep feeling of being accepted – accepted with the natural need for touch, relaxation and calmness, as well as the wish to ENJOY sexual pleasure in dignity. That is what wholeness means to us.

We invite you to find your own space of silence, to get into contact with your very own lust, to FEEL, to PERCEIVE and to LET GO.

Our opening hours are:
MONDAY-FRIDAY from 10.oo am to 7.oo pm

Massage reservations please only via telephon - 086 4002417