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    I think this escort was mentioned before in having two profiles but I found a third and all three updated today within minutes of each other, she does not hide face on any and a few same backgrounds to be seen among all three profiles and most stats remain the same and if someone wants to pay for multiple ad profiles but retain same info then rock on but something not right here as on two profiles she is Italian and on another Swedish but on the Italian profiles does not list Swedish as a lan. spoken or vice versa and on two is bisexual and on one is heterosexual and even though all three state same location (obviously unless a miracle worker) all three state different tour dates and some stats differ (height and bust) but not many but my point here and reason for posting is if its same person wishing to have many profiles they should all state the exact same details and you are either bi or straight and not a trivial oversight like being an inch out on height between different profiles.

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    I've submitted a report and we will look into this asap.

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