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Thread: 16395 Jessica aka Angel - 10918 Ingrid - 16794 Julia and others.

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    Default 16395 Jessica aka Angel - 10918 Ingrid - 16794 Julia and others.

    Lots of various connections between a few profiles that primarily center around a group of currently stated as Italian escort profiles and will take a while to outline.

    16395 Jessica...
    Jessica, Dublin Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    featured on a warning thread when she was known as Angel which can be read on this thread...

    Having changed name to Jessica the pics she has now are marked verified and may well be her, that is not why I am posting this, I am posting for a few reasons, firstly that some of the pics she is using are also being used by an older ID numbered escort 10918 Ingrid. Currently inactive but Ingrid shares connection with another as will be explained further down.

    Pls. compare the pics below where you can see the same scots pattern garment worn by both 16395 Jessica (2nd 4th 5th pics) and 10918 Ingrid (2nd and 6th pics) and the similar looking ladys contained within said garment but if the same lady just wanted to have two profiles to cast her net further afield, then the difference in stats is worth noting...

    Also 10918 Ingrid’s current mobile of 087 97541** is used also by 16794 Julia (Full number shown on below pics)

    Julia, Dublin Female Independent Escort, profile on Escort Ireland

    In turn, 16794 Julia has as the bulk of her intro as...

    “I have many fantasies and i like fulfilling yrs as well.I would love to meet you in person and show how i am instead of cold word on web page.I can be much warmer than this page...”

    This intro is used also by an 12883 Anastasia

    also worth taking note of the way used to mask the face on 16794 Julia, its same star shaped blur effect as used by 10918 Ingrid in her newest profile as seen here (and also note that the person in these pics looks similar to each other)

    On above pic the intro by 10918 Ingrid says...

    “Hello Gentlemen,

    I`m a natural beauty, stunning sexy young girl.
    Not a clock watcher and love to take my time....
    I love to tease and have the right moves for a sensual dance but as well, I can be wild as a tiger”

    That distintive intro (which I so far have no record of anyone else using) is used by an agency ad for a 12078 Tamy as seen here...

    As to the shared intro’s, its a common thing and not in itself proof of a conection between two or more people or that anything is amiss as anyone can copy the intro of anyone else for both innocent or not so innocent reasons but when you find that the intro linked to only one other as is the case with both intro issues I mention then the sum of all the parts taken together take on an aire that merits highlighting.

    Worth noting that all of the above apart from 12883 Anastasia and 12078 Tamy are listed as Italian and share similar stats amoung all Italian profiles mentioned herein such as hours/rates and all in Dublin.

    Also worth noting the various profile pic updates by 10918 Ingrid over last 6 months as a tattoo on lower back is present and not present over time and sometimes on same profile pics, pehaps not permanent tatto but worth pointing out.

    12883 Anastasia has changed profile pics at least 4 times in last 6 months, all similar looking to a degree but something not quite right, but that is just my interpretation perhaps so here are all 6 to judge for yourself.

    To many anomolys amoung the Italian profiles for something not to be amiss here.
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