Lately we have girls sticking up posts like.......................................................

cum pound me in pussy till you cum through my nose...........

This shows how stupid modern man is. Christ ,a hundred years ago we used to be galliant warriors , hunters, our manhood never questioned, a duel, a fight to the death.
Today modern man is a mobile door mat who jumps at the slightest hint of anything, no thought, and then he comes along and bitches and whines about how some girl kick his daddy bags and ran off with his wallet, car keys, phone, home???

Damn it, where is the hunter gone in the modern male? Where is that testosterone filled organism? Testosterone by the way ,a few here wont know what it is , is the male dominant hormone that causes me anyway to do all sorts of wierd things. Damn i konow women with more testoserone than alot of guys. Bahhhh hooooo wahhahahaha, she left me>... Big bloody deal.

Even here we have guys come and say whats this like or anyone being here or there? Listen go and find out , go, go,go no free lunches in life. That that risk and find out and hey even when your there and you think your getting shafted ,there is lots that can be done. Reach in deep and find the hunter , that Genghis McKhan in all of us.

What the fuck am i talking about? Who cares?