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    Wink Reverse Massage

    Sometimes when visiting an escort I like to perform some reverse massage on her.
    Its a good excuse as any to fondle and touch up a female!
    For myself she must have a nice firm pair of tits- not too saggy! I like to use baby oil, lots of it, I always bring my own towel to take any excess of oil- some escorts can be fussy about oil (or any other liquids AHEM ) spilling onto their bedsheets.
    I like my female to lie on her back, and I pour oil over my hands, looking at her exposed and prickteasing chest, and I rub the oil into my hands ( in glee!).
    I like too massage the oil into the area below her tits, and slowly over 10 minutes or so, work up to the tits, pinching the nipples.
    Some escorts can be almost be having orgasms if you do it right, but I like too order them to keep their hands on their heads - totally exposing their breasts for me to touch, feel and play with, its kinky Revenge for the jerky handjob she gave me last week, "This is my cocks revenge!" I would tell her. . . . !
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    Talking Question

    Have you ever actually inserted your penis into a vagina dickless?? It's very nice, for both of you, if you do it right ........... oh wait I forgot, THAT'S why they call you dickLESS!!!!!

    Paws for thought

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