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Thread: A little story...............................................

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    Smile A little story...............................................

    Deafboy..."hello West, how are ya man?"

    West....."Im fine and you?"

    Deaf... " yeah West im well mate"

    West.." Did you really shag Ken the Fireman?"

    Deaf.. Shut the fuck up your ignorant aimless little bastard

    West... So im all that now? Ye little two faced gutless urinating brainless twit.

    Deaf... Shut your hole ye spastic.

    West ..make me shut it, you retarded, shithole of an uneducated slimball born in a pigoen hole

    Deaf.. You negotiated the wrong hole at birth ye thick bastard ,your mother was probably going for a shit when she had you

    West..Your my twin arent you?

    Deaf..i hope you contract every form of disease known to man ye dirty perverted prick

    West.. Well youll never contract anything ,no fuckin disease would go near you.your a class of disease in your own right.

    Deaf.. Asshole


    Deaf PATRICIA PATRICIA PATRICIA boo hoo West called me a cunt.

    West. Your a retarded cunt as well. Not only that but there is a smell of shit off you. When did you wash last and where?


    West.. I hope you drop dead and die slowly you ignorant clown, maggots and worms crawling out of your mouth and asshole. Smell of rotten stench for miles and miles but hey youd still be cleverer than Armanidublin.

    Deaf.. HAHAHHA him.

    West ..Him

    Deaf ..Relate to me West

    West.. Well ,now get this and make sure you fuckin hear me ye cunt.

    DEaf.. Patricia

    West ..shut the fuck up and listen. Well are you ready for this?

    DEaf.. Lay it on man.

    West.. He thinks that me and Bigpaws and Silo are the same person.

    Deaf..hahahahahahahahahahahha fuck it West, they couldnt hold a match to you.

    West.. I know ,i know. They follow me online and try to sign off like me, try to be like me.But they aint me.They have nothing on me.

    Deaf..oh yes they do West.

    West.. like what?

    Deaf. they can debate for five pages about someone being called a cunt.

    West.. hhehehehehehehhe of course. Of course .

    DEaf..Hey West. lets go and buy some lolly pops.

    West.. great idea. We can give them to Patricia to keep the babies sleepy.

    Deaf.. Exactly West.

    West .. you think just like me.

    Deaf.. I am you.

    West.. And hey Armani is still on about???

    Deaf..Still Jesus christ ,its being a long fuckin while.

    West.. I know ,i know, i know.

    DEaf..Is that the same guy that took off when you asked him had he a problem in chat?

    West..Thats the clown,yes. Hey hes a bright spark.

    Deaf.. Sure is West

    Deaf.. Hey West?

    West.. what?

    Deaf .. The forum is gone to shit.

    WEst Yes it is ,all you called me this and that.

    DEaf..You like the Sweetie West

    West.. YEs i learned so much from the Sweetie. A sort of idol to me.

    Deaf.. And Jayne? Hey West did you ever get that date ? The oneyou were on about from the chat comp.Remember???

    West.. Shut up ye cunt..

    Deaf PATRICIA whhaaaa bboooo hoooo Westie called me a cunt. Whhahhahhahaha


    Hey Jayne wanna go for a stroll down lovers road?

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    Talking Entertainment!!

    west/deafboy you really ARE a silly cunt!! ;-)


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