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    is it true when people say that variety is the spice of life??if so why???
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    I certainly find that its true because it makes life more interesting lessens the monotony of life i.e doing the same thing going the same places meeting the same escort(!) I get bored easily with people wish I could date a different girl every week...

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    Not sure about this one but probably depends on the topic for variety. For example, I do not like variety when it comes to food as I am a very plain and non experimental eater. Whilst I do like oriental food I always order the same thing such as beef curry fried rice and chips. When it comes to meat I like sirloin or fillet steak with chips or roast potatoes as boiled potatoes make me feel ill. I am quite routine and like to drink the same type of coffee same brand of butter etc etc.
    Now when it comes to women I also have a clear preference in that they should be blonde, petite but mostly have a pretty face. That does not mean that I think less of other women who do not fall into that category at all but simply a personal preference. When I watch tv I like to watch the same type programmes and when I listen to music I like playing the same songs from the same groups over and over again and am not keen on listening to new stuff. Now that I have written this I am thinking that maybe I need a life as I do sound so boring. So thanks for the question and is variety the spice of life? I really don't have a clue
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