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Thread: Why We Only Allow Our Advertisers To Post Phone Numbers Here

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    Default Why We Only Allow Our Advertisers To Post Phone Numbers Here

    For legal reasons, phone numbers cannot be posted as part of advertisements or anywhere else on these message boards, unless the phone number is that of an advertiser or you have special permission to post the phone number from a moderator.

    Escort Ireland is the longest established and most popular Irish escort website, and any phone number published here inevitably receives a high volume of calls.

    In the past, when we did allow phone numbers to be posted on our message boards freely, a number of persons abused this, by posting the phone numbers of other persons in a malicious manner.

    This caused problems for us the operators of these message boards and of course for the persons who had their phone numbers maliciously posted on these message boards.

    In 2000, as a result of persistent abuse relating to phone numbers, we decided to no longer allow users of our message boards to post phone numbers, unless the phone number is that of an advertiser.

    The reason we allow advertiser phone numbers alone to be posted here still is that we know all those phone numbers are genuinely the phone numbers of persons offering Irish escort services, due to checks we make when we take advertisers on. It is also a extra privilege for our advertisers of course, but that is only fair we feel, as the escorts and agencies that pay to advertise on are the user group here that enable us to spend more money than any other Irish escort website on Internet advertising and paid search engine and directory placement, which is one of the factors that makes this website Ireland’s favourite Irish escort website.

    To view a list of all advertisers see our quick list:
    Escort Ireland Quick List

    If you are interested in becoming an advertiser, please see our advertising section:
    Escort Ireland Advertising

    If you are interested in the legal issues here, you may be interested in the below article giving further details of one of the cases that prompted us to only allow the phone numbers of our registered advertisers to be posted here.

    Sandwich maker’s sex site filling

    By Tom Gillespie, 28/03/2001

    FRANCIS KENNY got the idea from browsing the sex ads in the Sunday World. Leafing through the newspaper, he saw an advertisement for an internet website called Escort Ireland, a site which advertised the services of prostitutes and call girls and gave a list of the various sexual acts and favours they would be able to provide and information on prices.
    He thought immediately of Maureen Walker — a woman who, in his warped mind, was his arch business rival.
    The accused was involved in the sandwich making business and traded as Fresh Cuts, supplying to outlets in Mayo and Connacht.
    The victim, Maureen Walker, ran a similar business trading as Exclusive Sandwiches.
    Mr Kenny, thinking Maureen Walker had sabotaged his business, smiled at the thought of ruining her business and reputation.
    The 40 year old father of two downloaded a few of the ads. Several days later, on March 6, 2000, he made up a sex ad featuring Exclusive Maureen, a woman offering a full range of sexual services, including S&M, water sports and threesomes.
    He did this by contacting the Yahoo search agent, where he was asked several questions, one being an e mail address. He gave the e mail address Exclusive Maureen, which he took from Ms Walker’s company name and first name. Mr Kenny then typed a letter onto the computer stating her description and age and several sexual acts she would be willing to provide to would be clients.
    He posted the ad on the internet.
    He also gave the various prices she would charge per service, per person, per hour.
    Mr Kenny accessed the site again and added her mobile phone number — the number which was displayed on the side of her delivery van. Callers were requested not to use landlines so calls could not be traced back to them.
    Just after 4pm, the victim’s mobile phone rang and a man asked her several questions. He asked did she carry on a service in the west and she said she did, thinking it was a query about her sandwich business. After a short conversation, she realised something was wrong.
    The victim received 26 calls between then and 10pm that night. Over the course of two days, the number of callers looking for sexual favours rose to 100.
    Some callers became abusive when she told them it was a malicious ad. Some made fun and joked, while others hung up when they realised she was not who they thought she was.
    Two days later, the victim went to an internet café in Sligo where the owner tried to access the website and failed to do so. She had the phone number of the first person who had called her and, after she persisted, he informed the café owner how to access the site and he downloaded the ad. The ad was traced back to Mr Kenny.
    Sgt John Hynes said on May 8 he called to Mr Kenny’s home but he denied having anything to do with it.
    When the sergeant told him he was seizing his computer, Mr Kenny, admitted what he had done.
    In a statement, Mr Kenny said there were rumours that he was not registered with the Western Health Board, that he was a cowboy, and he received a call cancelling an order from a client.
    He told the judge how he had seen the ad for Escort Ireland and outlined how he had placed his own ad on the internet site. He said that he typed a letter and detailed sexual services she would provide to clients.
    It did not cost him anything to place the ad.
    He did not know why he did it and realised people would probably call Ms Walker and cause her distress. He apologised for it.
    Sgt Hynes said the victim was distressed . Maureen Walker told the court she received in excess of 100 calls in two days. The incident had a grave impact on her and her family.
    Mr Kenny was not known to her previously. She said there did not seem to be legislation in place to have prevented him from doing this.
    It was quite unbelievable she said that someone could do this to another person.
    Mr O’ Higgins SC put it to Ms Walker that, rightly or wrongly, the accused thought she was trying to sabotage his business.
    Ms Walker said she had never heard of Mr Kenny before. She did not know he owned Fresh Cuts.
    Mr O’Higgins said Mr Kenny was a good provider for his family and, for whatever reason, he did something completely out of character which had caused a lot of upset. He had expressed his remorse and this was something that would never happen again.
    He was a man of impeccable background, was prepared to pay compensation and a custodial sentence would not be appropriate.
    After hearing the evidence, Judge Carroll Moran said the accused had a blameless past and had been given “exemplary testimonials” from eminent people.
    However, the judge said the court was left in the difficult position of trying to balance the accused’s good record with the appalling harm that had been dome to his victim.
    “This is a dreadful case which caused unforgivable distress to the injured party,” Judge Moran stated.
    The judge said he wanted Mr Kenny to pay compensation for what he had done and invited him to state the amount he could afford.
    Defending counsel Padraig O’Higgins said his client was not a man of great means, but realising the seriousness of the situation, Mr Kenny was able to put a package together amounting to £10,000.
    Judge Moran said the sum offered was inadequate and adjourned the case to May 11 to enable a better offer be made.

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