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    I did something last week which I had not done since my first foray into paid sex way back in the 1990s, namely I visited a massage parlour.
    Now when I say a massage parlour I mean the ones which offer "extras".
    The reason I visited (for those of kinky curious dispositions) is that I wanted some safe messy fun ( i.e. no condom), I have found myself in recent times disliking those little rubber objects more and more, but at the same time, understanding their safety need.

    Anyway down to the massage, you will find the massage places advertised in a well known Dublin evening paper.
    So I phoned to ask for a massage and was answered by the squeaky voice of a eastern european girl, she told me a massage costs 50e for half an hour, and which street she was located on (I wont say it here, but lets just say it was 200 meters on the southside of capel street bridge) The appointment was no problem- 7 o clock in the evening, I made my way to the Coal Porters pub (parliament street), and from there was directed to her location.
    She opened the door and as I went in she closed it, and I seen her, she was a very attractive girl of about 20, about 5 foot 5 inches, very slim and curvy, long feminine dark hair, but what confirmed to me more than anything that there would be the "extras" on offer, was the way she dressed- high heeled shoes, tight very short mini skirt, and tight white blouse, which emphasized her gorgeous tits.
    I include a photo below to give an idea of how she looked, this is NOT her, but this girl has the same height and figure, roughly the same type of garments, and my girl had dark brown hair.
    Upstairs to the room- dark but clean, curtains drawn, massage table, baby oil and talcium powder on a drawer. I gave her the 50e and she told me to "take off all my clothes. She left the room as I undressed, a dvd player playing gentle music in the corner, I had brought my own lubricant- some clear jelly stuff I have had for months, and I used it to stroke and loosen up my penis.
    She returned a few minutes later, and I saw her looking at my semi erect cock.
    So now it was onto the massage table, face down. She began massaging my back with baby oil, conversation with her was not great, her English had a lot to be improved on, the massage was not great, but was relaxing in a strange way.
    After about 15 minutes she told me to turn over, and my large almost erect cock dangled towards the sky. She worked on my chest, really made a meal of that, and then on the areas around my cock area- she avoided any hand contact with the family jewel area, then about 5 minutes from the end she asks me do I want any extras, I replied whats on offer, and she said Handjob topless would cost another 50e. Now it may not seem good value, but from the girl on offer (very sexy in those clothes) it seemed worth it, add to the fact that I had already got a good half hour or so relaxing massage.
    So she left the room and returned- topless, it was a good sight, she wore nothing but her heels and short skirt, her tits were those large pointy type, great nipples.
    She got to work on my balls, I did not last long, but I did shoot a powerfull spurt of baby batter up through her hand about 6 inches in the air, groaning loudly as I did so, and it was just what I had originally wanted- messy and wet!

    Going home in the sunny evening I felt relaxed, I was a little sorry I had not lasted long, but it was good, and a change from escorts. There were no showers available In my case I had gone to her directly from my gym in Patrick street, and was already freshly showered, but for anybody else, take note- no showers!

    It was last week I was there, and today I got a text message from her, asking me would I like to return for "fun", not a very discreet message I know- what if I was married and the wifey seen that!
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    yeah dick can`t beat a good massage ..........especially when your --balls ammunition-- is re-loading before you start round 2 with your escort.

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