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Thread: What do you think of Gamu?

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    Default What do you think of Gamu?

    To me this one seems like a right chancer:

    X Factor's Gamu begs for help over shooting fears

    I think it's fakes like her that cast a bad name on people with legitimate issues. Of course she is full of crap, she would never be shot for being on the show. In a way she's a terrorist.... because she says: "you must do what I say or I'll be shot".

    If it was just about being deported and to the english government that's one thing (and there are arguments against that), but what the hell has the X-Factor to do with it? What has the X-Factor to do with politics? What next, North Korea wins the world cup because if they weren't allowed to then their leader would shoot them? Surely that's not the right way of doing things.

    How can people be soooo stupid that they are setting up facebook pages with thousands of members in support of her being allowed back on the show? What goes through these people's minds? Does anything go on in their minds at all? How are they able to get up in the morning and tie their shoes? It's beyond me.

    To me she is among the lowest scum of all, the lowest of the low... preying on people's humanity for her own purposes even when her story DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE, I think it's disgusting.
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    Ireland bought this type of nonsense from asylum seekers in the Celtic Tiger era we bought it the rest is history free houses free buggies child benefit cost 350m p.a. etc etc etc a complete mockery of the system here draining budgets etc, this girl in X factor has no right to be in the country based entirely on the fact that their visas are up equally her mother has been drawing taxpayers money illegally..

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    i feel sorry for her as she has to go back to Zimbabwe, it's a god awful country. As for the reason she is being deported, all countries have their emigration laws and if she is operating outside of them then she has to leave, they are the laws of the country and they are what you sign up to when you arrive there.

    As for the firing squad, she would of been better shutting her mouth about that type of thing (if indeed it goes on), now she may become a target for Mugabe's regime where I believe she might of been praised for the small bit of celebrity she managed to acheived if she hadn't of mentioned it.

    Finally, wasn't her mother some type of dole fraudster, so if it's because of that that they are being deported then they only have her to blame.

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    i agree with monster monster,..good singer but when the pity card was used ,i found her pitiful
    a thousand kisses deep..

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