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    I wasn't going to put another ad up tonite but I saw that few lads have thanked me for the last one. I don't know why but it's nice of them and i would like to say thanks back. Thanks guys for still having interest in me although it's been a long time since I was "fresh meat" on these shores
    Thanks for reading the odd post I make. Thanks for writing all the lovely reviews I like so much. To my regulars thanks for coming back and to the occasional newbie thanks for having the courage to take a risk with me when there are so many cheaper choices.
    Thanks for reading my profile before you call. Thanks for being polite and respectful. Thanks for showering using shower gel on your ass crack too. Thanks for putting lube on my ass before you shove your finger in...
    Well I could go on and on so I will stop here and thank also to the ladies who weren't jealous that my ad might got few more views than theirs sometime and didn't report it for being too popular. Thanks to the ladies who support each other and who pull together in these tough times.
    Now I know that this post sounds unlikely as you all know that I enjoy a good old row and a little bit of the odd bitching cannot do any harm either in my opinion. But don't worry nobody has hacked my account. I just really appreciate when ppl are nice to each other.
    So how to say thanks better than with a picture that has never been published before? ( Or two )

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