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Thread: 10 years older and 3 stones heavier.

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    Default 10 years older and 3 stones heavier.

    Its happened to all punters at least once- you spotted a escort and her pictures, and she really tickles your fancy (or at least your male genitalia), you make all the phonecalls and arrangements, decide on a appointment, then when you walk in the door the big let down hits you like a cold bucket of water . . . .
    "Fuck" you say to yourself- "shes at least 10 years older than her pictures, and at least 3 stones heavier".

    You feel disappointed too, and your fancy (or genitalia) does not feel so tickled now.
    The pictured slim toned curvey female of your wicked desires, is today a frumpy, saggy and overweight turn off. Yes that sounds cruel, but its how you feel.
    You think about leaving, but sometimes after making all the arrangements and building up your horny expectations,. you are loath to beat a hasty retreat.

    Either one of 2 things will happen with your ensuing mating with her-

    (1) The whole thing is a major let down, she has no interest, your cock has no interest, you are in the middle- (not a good place to be, between a uninterested escort and a uninterested penis), you find yourself having to work hard just trying to get your cock up rise to the occasion, you end it by just calling it a day (actually 20 minutes) and leaving, cumless, feeling a little gutted for handing over 150e.

    (2) The whole thing is actually one of the best punts you have ever had, you discover- to your delight, that what she lacks in the sex appeal department, she sure as fuck make up for in the humping and shagging department!
    Sometimes its like that, the ugly girl is the best sex buddy you ever have, she humps and grumps in more positions that you thought was possible, all with the energy that defies logic.

    Thats the way it is all right, its just like the Ireland football team going into a match these days, you just never know how the fuck things will turn out.
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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    (1) So True !!

    (2) hasn't happened yet...well ..
    Closest was 18yr old school girl ended up being in early twenties and looking so bad in school uniform the first thing I did was take it off her. Friendly chatty gal and a bit nervous so I decided to make the best of it and had great fun making her squirt for her first time ( i do believe it was ) - was so worth it just seen her reaction and playn with her as she tried to blow me but couldn't as I was distracting her ( mental note - nearly lost me cock at that moment )

    Should be a topic listing all those escorts real spects

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    I must say i have never had a problem acheiving and maintaining an erection or ejaculating ............ so i feel kinda bad for you dick.
    As for meeting an escort who is 10 years older and 3 stones heavier than her pics .............. that HAS happened but i just tell her im leaving and tell her my reasons like it or not!! False advertising does not appeal to me.

    Paws for thought

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