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Thread: No more Sucky and Fucky . . .

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    Default No more Sucky and Fucky . . .

    My fellow punters- more bad news !
    I was walking down Grafton street this morning when I bumped into Sucky and Fucky, the well known escort duo from Latvia.
    I took their picture on my camera phone (below)
    "Hello Deek!" says Fucky "You dont visit us any more!"
    says Sucky "We miss you Deek- the way you wore your wifes knickers, and the funny tricks you play with your Willy!"
    "Well money is tight these days" I told them, all punters have to cut back . . ."
    "We know Deek, not many sexy Earish men come to visit us now- at one time we were making 2000e a day from Earish men- now all we make is just about 500e a day!" replies Fucky.
    Yes- business is not good now, that is why we are going home to Latvia, today is our last day in Earland, tomorrow we fly home, and we wont be back!"

    I looked at Sucky in her little pink miniskirt . . . . .. .and I felt anger!
    These poor girls had to go home, and whose fault was this . . those bastard banker fuckers!
    I felt the rage inside me- no more Sucky and Fucky, all because of those fuckers!
    They should be hanged! Swing them from the Spire in O Connell street!
    Then I looked at Suckys little pink miniskirt again . . . . I wonder if thet are offering any last minutes bargains . . ?
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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