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Thread: galway, disaster...

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    Default galway, disaster...

    well i found out most escorts in galway, independent, are either not interested or making appointments and then do not answer phones if you are calling out to their locations.
    bad, as well as the agencies, mostly a rud eastern europe lady answering with no mannors at all.
    sad, galway should have some nice escorts too...
    what do you think?

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    Smile I am nice escort

    I am nice escort and will be visiting Galway later this year. I am never rude to clients or callers. Unless they are trying to threaten me.
    We are not all bad honest.

    Samantha x

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    Not just n Galway m8 - found most agencies r rude ( 1 however is very pro but girls are v.expensive - 4 me anyway ) - in contrast indep seem to be friendly ime.

    Ting that bothers me is they all give false info Sizes are of by x2 and ages are off
    in degrees as they get older !

    Now normally this don't bother me one bit - but if you looking for a change !!
    they dont seem to be any real size 8 (r 10 ftm) working in Ireland.

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    Talking I Agree!!

    You're right john, escorts are almost always a bit older, heavier, smaller tits etc than they advertise ........... but there ARE lots of young, big titty, sexy size 8 escorts in Dublin!! Romy, Alexis etc


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    Gud to know yea Dubs r over supplied :P

    Must tak a trip up 1 weknd nd try da lot

    I'm just a fussy fkr - lukn for a regular punt.

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