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Thread: BREAKING NEWS! Punters clash outside the Dail!

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    Default BREAKING NEWS! Punters clash outside the Dail!

    Fellow punters! Dramatic news today!
    Punters have been involved in clashes outside the goverment buildings!
    It all began earlier whenI got a message from Mister Cowan- he said-
    "Citizen Spunk! I call on you and the Brave Punters of Ireland to protect their Taeiseach! I expect loonie lefties to protest today, and I need loyal brave Punters to defend the Goverment1
    Can you help me?
    Your Taeiseach"

    Well I can tell yous now, I dropped everything (including a visit to Michelle Mature) and contacted other punters- Rover, Nicegirlsarenice, Westy and a few others, and we went to Kildare street at midday.
    We stood there in our Punter Suits (naked) in a solid straight line, our faces determined . . .
    Sure enough the place was crawling with various loonie lefties- commies, shinners, monster raving loony party and other anti Taeiseach types.
    But we handfull of punters, like the magnificent 7, stood our ground (see picture below).
    Then another group entered the Protest- the Lesbian Liberation Front, they approached us, their faces full of hate, weilding hurley sticks, the brave Punters shook their Penises and after tense scenes the Lesbians retreated, yes the Punters of Ireland had faced them down!

    So far all is quiet here, but the Punters stand firm and erect . . .
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    C- today, Dick...

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