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Thread: A sight to make me ANGRY!

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    Default A sight to make me ANGRY!

    Fellow punters!
    Today I saw something which made my blood boil!
    Anger- is the way I felt!
    It all began this morning when I went for the morning paper, inside the Centra store I met Handjob Isabella, the well known Portugese Escort.
    She was dressed in a tiny tight mini skirt, jacket and no Bra! (picture below)
    I asked her was she meeting a early morning punter . . .
    "No Deek- I am just buying a banana for my breakfast"! she replied.
    I asked her why wasnt she wearing a Bra . .
    "Business in bad Deek- The Punters dont visit me anymore- they dont have the money- I cannot affort to buy a Bra now!"
    Cant affort to buy a Poxy Bra . . . ?
    "I cannot even affort to buy jeans or a long skirt now Deek, all I can affort is the smallest skirts available!
    I am wearing my last pair of knickers- by the end of the week I wont even have knickers Deek!"
    Not even Knickers . . . ?
    My blood boiled- this poor girl- cant affort a Bra, wearing cheap tight mini skirts, and soon wont even have knickers to wear- and winter coming soon!

    And no doubh she has to walk around while perverts leer at her, leer at her smooth legs, and shapely tits . . . !
    "Dont worry about me Deek- we are all going through bad times- someday, I hope, someday over the rainbow, things will be better . . .
    Someday over the rainbow . . things will be better . . . .
    My heart melted, What courage she has, I thought . . and a tear almost came to my eye . . .
    And then I thought of the cause of all this- those fucking bankers! BASTARDS!!!!
    I bet they dont have to walk around without underwear!
    No those stingy greedy bastards have the best clothes, big cars, big houses, and expensive Y Fronts Id bet!
    If they have a fraction of her courage . .. . . . . FUCKERS!

    Then I looked at her . . . . Hmmmmmm I have 50e in my pocket, and the wife is not at home . . . maybe I can help Isabella out . . . wonder if she will let me have a tit job . . . . ?
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    A man s mission in life is to spread his seed with as many women as possible, for as long as possible, in any position possible . . . .

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